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6 Ways to Maximize the Effectiveness of your Social Media Imagery 

Did you know that an image - any image- boosts content credibility by 75%? (A Claremont Graduate University study says so). A pro image can make a huge difference, and can receive 45% more Facebook shares than "semi-professional" photos. Content marketing requires high impact visuals and creative presentation methods. Here are more examples of different types of shareable images you can use as inspiration to increase the effectiveness of your social media posts. 

1. Custom Styled Photos / Flat Lay Still Life Photography

Warby Parker Instagram Ad Campaign

via DesignerBlogs

via 20 Best JavaScript Charting Libraries

Styling a Flat Lay via Pinterest 

How to Style a Flat Lay | How to Kill it on Instagram 


via Pinterest


3. Photo Collages and Timelines

via Canva (free online collage maker)

via Canva (free online collage maker) 

via ovrgrnd

via PopPhoto

4. Data Visualizations

How to Think Visually 

Types of Data Visualization


5. Infographics

via Visualistan

via HongKiat

via CopyPress

via Etsy

via Pinterest

6. Instructographics


via TripleSEO

via Epic Real Estate

via Digital Information World

h/t The Next Scoop

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